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Items are objects that can be carried by players and have some useful effect.

Many items have a durability (the blue bar at the bottom of their icon). Durability is how many times an item can be used before it breaks. Every item has a base value for its maximum durability, and this can be increased if crafted by players with a higher crafting stat (weaponry, armoury, toolery, potionry). Items can currently never be repaired when damaged.

Items bought from NPC merchants always have the base durability for that item.

Items can be put into the following main categories:

Weapons: swords, daggers, hammers, bows, arrows, shurikens, vampire fangs, staves, spell scrolls

Clothing: Armour, robes, cloaks

Tools: Hatchets, pickaxes

Consumables: potions, potion ingredients, orbs

Materials: cotton, ores, fabric, string, feathers, wood, gems